Sacrificial Blood

Album: Unholy Fucking Hatred (2011)

Song: The Pack (SoulS For Sale demo)

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Sacrificial Blood has carried the torch for true underground metal for 10 years. Through many lineup changes, virtual indifference from the larger metal community, the underground itself being marketed into a fashionable trend by the mainstream, and a complete detestation for the entire "Retro-Metal" movement, Sacrifical Blood never lost site of it's intention to deliver fast, raw, aggressive, honest Metal for the True Metal people who actually live for this music rather than just being into whats cool for the moment. 3 demos, 4 splits, and a full length album are Sacrificial Blood's testimony thus far to it's endless fight, which despite the setbacks, they've yet to fully back down from or give in to. Formed in January 2003 by Mike Keller and original Guitarist Pete Barbera, Sacrificial Blood set out to pay homage to the sound of old school 80's Death/Thrash Metal, but with an original sound instead of just blatantly ripping off bands that had already come and gone. The first lineup was complete by February, and the band recorded the "Chaotic Compulsion" Demo. By April of that year guitarist Chase Cooper was let go due to continuous drug problems, and Bassist Jude Terror left to focus more on music recording and his own projects. Bassist Ian McClung and Guitarist Ross Marcovitz replaced them, and in September 2003 the "Toxic Zombies" Demo was recorded. The band continued to rehearse into the new year, and in March of 2004 played their first show. A week later Ross left the band. They then stayed a three piece and began playing shows with increasing regularity with the likes of Slave, B.S.O.M., Planned Collapse, Feculence, and Viscid, among others. In October of 2004 the band recorded songs for a split cassette with Demonic Mortuary, which was released on Rusty Axe Records in early 2005. From there the band started playing more shows with bands such as October 31, Bludwulf, Finisher, and Toxic Holocaust, among others. In January 2006 they recorded in longtime friend Johnny G's basement for a split CD with defunct California Thrashers Zombie (now known as Century Media recording artists Warbringer). After the recording Guitarist Pete Barbera was let go due to complete lack of dedication, and Sacrificial Blood was put on hiatus. Mike and Ian continued playing in local Thrash/Punk Crossover band A.S.D., while they searched for a new guitarist. Finally in October 2006 longtime friend and supporter of the band Spencer Murphy joined on guitar, and the return began. The split CD with Zombie was released in November 2006, and the band got back on the live front playing shows with Urban Liquor Store Riot, Scareho, Lethal Aggression, Deceased, Call the Paramedics, Trasher, Infernal Stronghold, Piledriver, and Rumpelstiltskingrinder, among others. In April 2007 they recorded at their rehearsal room with friend Ryan Jones (who also engineered the A.S.D. recordings) for promotional purposes as well as proposed compilation album appearances and splits. In July 2007 they recruited friend and fan Kevin Maull (also known as Arnie) as second guitarist. In late December 2007, the band embarked on their first tour of the Southeastern U.S. with Philly brothers Trasher, and in February 2008 "Revenge" and the cover of Massacre's "Mutilated" from the April 2007 recording session were released as one side of a split 7" with Trasher on Rusty Axe Records. In November 2008 Rusty Axe released "Unholy Wrath" and the cover of Deceased's "After the Bloodshed" from the same recording session on a split 7" with Deceased. 2008 also saw Sacrificial Blood sharing the stage with the likes of Savage Skull, Horrifier, Vulcan, Hessian, Possessed, At War, Blood Feast, and Midnight, among others. In February 2009 Bassist Ian McClung left Sacrificial Blood, and friend Brian Mikus of Philadelphia's Hessian joined to help the band complete their mission. Sacrificial Blood offically called it quits in June 2009. In July of 2010, the planets aligned and Mike, Ian, and Arnie reconvened and recorded a full length album at Wild Arctic studios in NYC with Ryan Jones at the board again. In November 2010, Mike, Ian, and Arnie decided to jam out again and ended up writing 2 songs in the process, prompting them to decide that they should reunite. February 2011 saw the album's release on Witches Brew from Germany, and the band made their return to the stage with shows in Long Branch (second local show EVER), the stronghold of Philadelphia, and New York City as well. As is always the case, the band went on a forced hiatus in July 2011 due to internal issues, but was revived yet again in December with the addition of bassist Brian "Lumberjack" Smith, S.B. got right back to business sharing the stage with the likes of Midnite Hellion, Condition Critical, Casket, Artillery, and Anvil Bitch, amongst others. They recorded a new demo in March, and in the summer of 2012 they embarked on a week long tour with Cain from Buffalo NY with good friend Brian Mikus of Hessian filling in again, but on guitar this time, as personal issues in Arnie's life forced him to a take a few months off. Upon Arnie's return he expressed a desire to find a new bassist due to musical differences with Lumberjack. Evan Fishman, formerly of NYC's Savage Skull and Ancient Sin has joined, and for once there has not been a disturbance of progress. Shows with Impaler, Ghoul, Morbid Saint, Deceased, Prime Evil, Malignancy, Midnite Hellion, and others followed into 2013. The band will record their second full length this year as well, and shows are lining up already with the likes of Diamond Head, Lich King, Possessor, Coffin Dust, and others as well. To the future....